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All our housekeepers are required to either undergo a police records check or present their Working with Vulnerable People card (the application process for which involves a police records check) before they officially join the team.

By Reputation will verify the identity and address of its housekeepers before they are assigned any clients. We do this by sighting and storing photo ID and proof of address.

We no longer insist on references as we have found them to be unreliable. We now require a work observation period, where housekeepers work closely alongside an existing team member until we are confident in their service delivery.
Before confirming the hours you require and booking in on an ongoing basis, we recommend a trial clean in your home. This is so that we can find the perfect balance between what you hope to pay and the outcome you wish to be achieved.

Most trial cleans are booked for three hours and are then adjusted either up or down according to the outcome and after discussion with yourself.

We can arrange ahead of time if you would like us to;

  • stick rigidly to the assigned hours,
  • be flexible within an hour either way (Housekeeper schedule allowing)
  • continue until the job is complete (Housekeeper schedule allowing)
Cleaning services are great, but sometimes you need more tailored help in your home. We provide not only cleaning services, but also housekeeping services.

We are happy to help fold clothes, hang out laundry, change bed sheets, change towels, water plants, put away items that have been dropped by the kiddies, wash dishes, stack the dishwasher etc.

We simply ask that you make it very clear to us what your expectations are, so that we can book in the time necessary to meet those expectations.

For example, a home in good maintenance, with only cleaning to do may be completed in 2 hours. The same home may take 4 hours if you’ve been unable to clean for a while, and you have additional tasks such as those listed in the above paragraph.

We are happy to accommodate weekly, fortnightly or occasional/as needed visits.




As with any new relationship, it takes time to get to know one another. Every home and every client is different. 

After each of your first three appointments you'll receive a call to see how we are doing. We invite you to personalise our service to best meet your needs and open communication is paramount in this process. 

After this learning period, you should be able to 'set and forget' to a large degree. That said, as time progresses your needs may change or a new problem may present itself. This is where we excel as a service provider - we want your feedback and recognise its value. 

You can choose to be present to allow access, leave out a key or once you are comfortable in doing so, we are also happy to keep a key for you. On more than one occasion this has been a godsend for people who accidentally lock themselves out.

We mark your keys with only your first name so that in the event of an unlikely loss or theft, the keys cannot be identified as belonging to your address.

Where our clients are absent and alarms are present, we prefer that they are deactivated, but if you choose instead to give us the code, we will of course treat it with the same respect as we would your key.
We also ask that there is free parking readily available within a reasonable distance of your home and that if you have any special requests about where we do/don’t park, please let us know ahead of time.

All our Housekeepers/Cleaners are employees of our business and not subcontractors. Because of this, we can ensure that our clients and staff are covered by insurance should an accident happen.

This means you are protected financially from damage to your property or injury to any person in your home caused by a Housekeeper’s/Cleaner’s negligence.





We have a minimum hire of two hours.

We charge $100 for the first two hours and $45 per hour thereafter. This price does not include G.S.T.

This cost includes:
  • All equipment and specialised cleaning products
  • Provision of hygenically cleaned cloths and mop heads for each clean
  • As needed treatments for mould prevention, removal of mineral build up and watermark/soap scum prevention
  • 5 mins set up and 5 mins pack down time.
  • Business Insurance
  • Workers Compensation Insurance

Most of the homes on our books are complete within a 2.5hr to 3.5hr timeframe but this is purely a guide as each client has different needs.

Mostly our staff work alone, but occassionaly as a pair.  If 1 housekeeper is present and you have booked a two-hour clean, then he/she will be present for a two hour block of time. If 2 housekeepers are present then that time will of course be shared between them, and thus they will be there for 1 hour, etc.
Invoices are emailed to our clients on the day of our visit and are due for payment within 24hrs of the service. These invoices can be paid by E.F.T, Credit Card through STRIPE or Direct Debit.

We do not take cash payment.

If you choose to pay by E.F.T, please ensure that you use your invoice number as a reference. This is used to search for payments in the banks system. Failure to use the invoice number may result in us chasing a payment when it has already been deposited.

If you would like to set up a Direct Debit please discuss this with us so that we can establish an individual recurring payment reference.

At any time, you can cancel a booking for reasons such as sickness. We extend the same understanding in these circumstances as we hope you would extend to us if one of our housekeepers becomes unwell or has a family emergency.

If you are going on holiday or have another reason why an extended period of cancellation is necessary, we have a two-week freeze period where we will keep your slot available for you. After this time, we would welcome the return of your business, but may not be able to ensure that your preferred time/date and housekeeper of choice will be available.

Many people opt to retain their slot by having us do the odd jobs that get away from them during the year (cleaning and sorting closets, vacuuming curtains, wiping down paintwork etc) or you can also ‘gift’ your hours to a relative or friend provided it is possible to use to the same timeslot and housekeepers at their address.