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"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence therefore, is not an act but a habit"
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    Office Cleaning & Hygiene
    Invest in the health of your workforce
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    Open-home & End of lease.
    It's all in the detail
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    Give your home the 5 Star treatment
Housekeeping & Cleaning
"These days everyone is busy, and having a cleaner is commonplace. Sometimes though, you need more than a cleaner. You need someone who will take your house and turn it back into a home. Melody and her team do that for me, and now my weekends are my own again"
By Reputation client since 2013
Office Cleaning & Hygiene
"I read a quote once that said "No one ever notices what a cleaner does, until she doesn't do it" It's a strange compliment, but since By Reputation started cleaning here, I haven't noticed or thought about the cleaning at all!"
By Reputation client since 2014
"It's important to create a clean, clutter free environment in which to work.
Doing so not only creates a professional appearance to clients, but is conducive to clear, calm thought for employees. It's equally important to hygienically clean your work space. Fewer germs will result in fewer sick days."
Melody Humphreys - Owner/Manager By Reputation